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Perak Clowns Promote COVID-19 SOP Compliance At Ramadan Bazaars

In a bid to remind the general public to remain compliant the COVID-19 SOPs and to ensure their safety, members of Perak Muslim Clowns Malaysia (MCM) volunteered to make an appearance at the Taman Jati Ramadan bazaar, Ipoh in full regalia to promote the importance of the SOPs.

A total of four clowns from the Perak branch of the MCM took up the job and used their talents for the greater good by holding up signs that read “COVID-19 watching us” and “stay safe” which should theoretically scare some people into being more aware of the deadly virus.

Credits: Says

In addition to their messages, the clowns also gave out free masks and monitored the registration and temperature scanning at the bazaar’s checkpoints while simultaneously ensuring that patrons at the bazaar kept up with the social distancing rules.

According to MCM representative Nazirah Abd Rahman said “Our main mission is to ensure that visitors comply with the SOPs so that there is no Ramadan bazaar cluster.”

Upon hearing that the public were growing concerned regarding the flouting of SOPs at bazaars, these dutiful clowns felt inclined to take on the responsibility to ensure that the public can rest easy in the best way that they know how.

Credits: Says

Nazirah added, “When I watch the news and read (postings) on social media, there are bazaars that were told to close for not complying with the SOPs, I don’t want it to happen here.”

The MCM representative also said that this initiative was the first of its kind anywhere and that they will be expanding their efforts across Perak. That said, it appears that the MCM has no plans to export their operations over to other states as of yet.


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