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Pepsi Has Brought You Malaysia’s First Augmented Reality Concert

Considering the surge of COVID-19 cases throughout Malaysia, and with the conditional movement control order (CMCO) being extended over and over again, it is very unlikely that a concert or festival will be popping up any time soon (RIP GVF *cries*).

Well, thanks to Pepsi, we finally have a concert that we can experience after all this while. Worried about the large crowds? Well here’s the twist. it is actually an augmented reality concert (AR) and it is Malaysia’s first ever AR concert.

Credits: Hype

Pepsi Malaysia really seems to be stepping up their game, first with the BLACKPINK bottles and now this? Coca-Cola better watch their backs huh?

In any case, the AR concert has already been launched back on the 16 April 2021 and it features popular artists such as Siti Nordiana, Aidil, Bell, and Syafeek.

Credits: Hype

Salman Butt, Senior Marketing Director APAC of PepsiCo, stated in a press statement that Pepsi has decided to reward their fans with this groundbreaking concert after all their support through these trying times. He also stated that he understands our concert withdrawals which is why he opted to reward Pepsi’s fans with a concert itself.

He further added “So, we decided to bring them the first-ever Augmented Reality Concert in Malaysia – something that has never been done before in Malaysia yet it is very much in line with our bold personality and pioneering nature. In particular, we are drawing upon the bold taste of Pepsi Black and its spirit of challenging the norm by making this exclusive concert content only accessible to consumers of Pepsi Black Raspberry – our exciting new cola flavour offering a bold taste and no calories.”

If you are inclined on experiencing the AR concert, all you need to do is:

  1. Get a bottle of Pepsi Black Raspberry

  2. Log on to

  3. When prompted on your phone screen, scan the bottle

  4. Wait for the AR Pepsi bottle to load.

  5. Enjoy the concert, which plays right on the bottle!

Credits: Rojak Daily


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