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People In Bali Can Get A Chance To Ride In An Army Tank If They Get Vaccinated

Every country is trying to think of new and intriguing ways to reward citizens after they’ve gotten vaccinated, a way to make sure people do get vaccinated and not turn anti-vax. Well, Bali definitely gotten people’s attention with its reward to allow the vaccinated to ride in an army tank. Previously, we reported that some Asian cities were offering free livestock and even apartments to get people vaccinated but this is a whole other level!

On 26 and 27 June, the Udayana Military Command which is a branch of the Indonesian army in charge of safeguarding Lesser Sunda Islands placed 5 army tanks outside of Bali’s Covid-19 vaccination center, Praja Raksaka Sports Arena. Like you guessed it, it wasn’t for security purposes, but as an attraction to get people vaccinated, as it is a rare chance for people to take a photo in an actual working military vehicle.

Credit: detikNews

“This is the only such opportunity in Indonesia, there’s nothing else like this in other parts of the country,” said the head of Kodam IX’s health department Kolonel Ckm I Made Mardika. “People usually only come to sit down, get their vaccines, and go home.”

On top of that, the complex also opened a swimming pool exclusive to those who are already inoculated. Bali recorded over the 2 days, about 546 individuals from around the island gotten their jabs and checked out the tanks while taking a dip in the new pool. I guess this initiative works!


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