• Jonathan Shiek

People Cheer Over Trucks Carrying Covid-19 Vaccines

As we reach the last leg of 2020, coronavirus vaccines are being transported to distribution centers and airports across the U.S. The departure of 3 trucks carrying Pfizer’s vaccines in Michigan was captured by Detroit Free Press in a Twitter video. You can even hear the crowd that gathered outside Pfizer’s facility cheer for joy! This is indeed a historical moment for the world.

Minutes ago, trucks filled with #coronavirus vaccines departed the @pfizer facility in Portage, Mich., headed for distribution centers and airports. Crowds who gathered outside the facility cheered the departing @FedEx and @UPS trucks. — Detroit Free Press (@freep) December 13, 2020

According to Detroit Free Press, the three trucks were carrying 1.95 million doses of the vaccine, which is deemed 95% effective. Following the first people in the UK that received Pfizer’s vaccine, people around the world were more hopeful about the vaccine’s outcome.

Source: Mashable Sea

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