• Jonathan Shiek

People Are Moving On From WhatsApp From Privacy Issues

Are you one of those that are furiously swapping messaging apps from WhatsApp to either Telegram or Signal? Everyone is panicking over the updated terms of service that WhatsApp recently rolled out regarding an option to use WhatsApp to message businesses. You’ll need to decide whether to accept the new conditions before 8 February or be cut off from the app, so people are deciding to move on from WhatsApp.

People are speculating that WhatsApp and Facebook will be able to see your private messages or hear your calls from the update which allows merchants using WhatsApp to chat with customers share data with Facebook and eventually use the information for targeting ads. So, they’re definitely reading our messages right?

WhatsApp stresses that they don’t keep logs of who everyone is messaging, calling, or even your shared location. The company addressed that they are giving businesses the option to use secure hosting services from Facebook to manage chats on WhatsApp with their customers like answer questions and send purchase receipts. People owning Telegram before this updated terms on WhatsApp are receiving updates on the amount of people joining the messaging app and the numbers are crazy! “25 million new users just joined Telegram in the last 72 hours alone.”

So what do you think, will you continue accepting this new terms and conditions by WhatsApp or move on to another new messaging app?

The entire privacy policy of your trusted secret keeper explained in just 18 sec😂 #WhatsappPrivacy #WhatsApp — Digimid (@digimid) January 12, 2021

Source: New Straits Times

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