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People Are Enraged By U.S Company That Recreated “Ugly and Disrespectful” Mahjong Sets

U.S Company, The Mahjong Line got backlash from redesigning the traditional mahjong designs with bright colour schemes and elaborate patterns. They even called it a “respectful refresh” for the “stylish masses”. This obviously infuriated people on social media, especially the Asian community. The redesigning of the mahjong sets were disrespectful to the traditional Chinese heritage, and to make it worse it was a ploy for the company to make money from a culture not their own.

The marketing copies on The Mahjong Line’s website has been taken down, but it was apparently priced at $325 to $425 according to different product lines. A couple of the “product lines” are The Botanical Line that features plants and flowers, The Cheeky Line that features doodled-art on mint green backgrounds, and The Minimal Line that features neon coloured patterns on blue backgrounds.

People were mostly enraged at the fact the website completely disregards the heritage and origins of mahjong, and instead referenced Americans in its explanation of mahjong’s history. The company issued an apology statement on their Instagram account, but there are no news regarding the future of The Mahjong Line.

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My thoughts on this whole Mahjong debacle. Now let’s move on to bigger and better things. — Simu Liu (@SimuLiu) January 6, 2021
Please put the Chinese characters BACK onto the Chinese game. Don’t change my history and culture to make it more palatable to you. #themahjongline — Grace Meng (@Grace4NY) January 5, 2021
Ok so #mahjongline’s solution to cultural appropriation was to delete all the images of white women from their social media 😭😂 — Jeremiah Abraham (@JerAbraham) January 5, 2021

What did you think about this? Did it anger you or was it just “meh”?

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