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Penang's Hotel Royal In George Town To Shut Down Indefinitely In November

Credits: NST

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we've seen too many businesses being forced to shut down in Klang Valley and popular tourist spots like Melaka. Sadly, the latest business to announce its closure is the iconic Hotel Royal located in central George Town, Penang.

While the closure may not be a permanent one, the hotel's general manager Amran Taib said they will be closed indefinitely for restructuring, citing the Covid-19 pandemic as the reason why. “We might reopen or we might not. Things will be decided if the economy bounces back after this or if we are able to get things back on track,” he said.

However, the closure would affect over 90 of the hotel's staff members, who have been given retrenchment notices. Amran added that the affected staff members will also be given proper compensation and retrenchment benefits according to the collective agreement.

The Singapore-owned hotel will be closing its doors after 14 November. But the closure will not affect operations at Penang Plaza, which is an annexe building adjacent to the hotel.


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