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Penang Man Buys 100 Packs Of Sanitary Pads To Help Women In Period Poverty

Since March is Women’s History Month, we thought it’d be fitting to share this story about how a kind Samaritan in Penang decided to buy 100 packets of sanitary pads to help women out there who lack access to period products due to financial struggles during MCO.

The philanthropist in question is none other Mohamad Farid Yusoff, an officer for Batu Kawan MP Kasthuri Patto. The 32-year-old man shared his story on Twitter in early February to raise awareness about period poverty in Malaysia.

Ok done. Pengalaman sy buat kali pertama dalam hidup. Memang pada mulanya rasa malu amat-amat tapi saya berani diri juga. Demi untuk membantu kaum wanita diluar sana dalam musim PKP. — Mohamad Farid Yusoff (@adek_farid) February 5, 2021

Farid admitted to feeling embarrassed initially given this is the first time he’s ever done something like this, but he eventually felt brave as he was doing a good deed to help women.

The sanitary pads were distributed to single mums, underprivileged women as well as women who lived on the streets in Batu Kawan as part of a Chinese New Year initiative under Kasthuri’s office.

Although this initiative has been carried out by women before, this is probably the first time we’re seeing a man dedicating himself to a similar cause.

“I decided to take the initiative to do this because I know that this is a basic need for all women. This is just the beginning and I hope this can inspire other people, especially men, to help women who are in need,” said Farid.

Period poverty describes the painful reality for over 500 million women across the globe who lack access to basic hygiene and sanitary products every month due to poverty. Although the issue is not as widely reported in Malaysia, there had been various campaigns to aid women who are struggling with period poverty, some of which include Projek Oh Bulan! and the Bunga Pads Initiative.


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