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PDRM Proposed To Collect DNA Samples From Newborn Babies For Identification Purposes

At some point, all of us had thoughts of the government inserting micro chips into us and violating our privacy. We’re actually not too far off from that, apparently there has been a debate on a proposal in Malaysia back in 2001 to take DNA from newborn babies!

Last week, the same proposal has been brought up by Bukit Aman Criminal Investigations Department (CID) director, Datuk Seri Abd Jalil Hassan to urge the Malaysian government to consider collecting DNA samples of babies and stored in the interest of society. Interest of society? The CID director added that a DNA databank would be beneficial in providing justice to victims, citing a rape and robbery case which occurred back in 1999 which was solved through profile matchings from the DNA databank in 2019.

On the opposing end, the Malaysian Bar disagrees as collecting DNA samples violates a person’s privacy and civil liberties. They also said that it may pave the way for more troublesome purposes in the future. “This could potentially open Pandora’s Box and may encroach on the privacy and civil liberties of the people, even when one is not suspected of a crime,” president of the Malaysian Bar, A G Kalidas said.

“Such sensitive and private genetic information of those who are not suspected or convicted of crimes should not be placed in the hands of the police for the reasons stated above, as these are matters that pertain to the bodily integrity and privacy of individuals, and should be respected. There is a need for balance between public and private interests, and the Malaysian Bar stands by the view that taking DNA samples from babies to be stored in a databank is incommensurate and disproportionate,” he added.

That said, Kalidas didn’t disregard the positive sides of a DNA databank, it could be of great assistance to the police in solving crimes quicker and more efficiently.

Which side are you on? The police or the Malaysian Bar?


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