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PDRM Might Be Upgrading Their Chase Cars To BMW M3 Which Is Worth RM665,000

Credit: Vocket Car Club

Recently, there's been pictures of the new BMW M3 PDRM chase cars circulating social media, and netizens are wondering if their vehicles are going to get upgraded soon. Currently, the PDRM have been seen using the Honda Civic 1.8 S, which is an upgrade from the Proton Saga.

According to, a BMW M3 is worth RM665,000 with standard specs. The BMW M3 features a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre straight-six mill, which has 473hp/550Nm or 503hp/650Nm on the competition variants.

Netizens started leaving reactions and comments, asking if these new cars are actually props for an upcoming local movie. However, Vocket Car Club confirmed in the comment sections that these cars are not meant for any film production.

But who knows, the PDRM has yet to release any official statements regarding this issue. Do you think they are upgrading to the BMW M3?


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