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Parents Take Note! Essential Oils May Disrupt Children’s Hormonal Development

If you enjoy using essential oils at home, please take note because as calming as essential oils may be, they’re also known to have a negative impact on growing children. Twitter user @antaintiom recently shared a story about how her friend discovered her six-year-old daughter was experiencing visible signs of breast development, and upon consulting a doctor, she found her essential oils to be the root of the problem.

Okay disclaimer: what you’re about to read is not to finger point at any specific brand(s). Berlapang dada & awal-awal aku cakap, anyone can agree to disagree. She just asked me to spread this awareness. Masalahnya: (seperti dalam screenshot) — 10K (@antaintiom) August 8, 2021

According to the doctor, the earliest age a girl is known to experience breast development is usually at eight years old. The concerned mother was then referred to a doctor in endocrinology (the study of hormones), who then asked her if she uses essential oils at home, to which she replied yes as she has been using them for the past two years.

Apparently, regardless of the brand, essential oils are generally unfavourable towards kids who are in the growing stages due to the artificial fragrances they contain. More specifically, this is due to essential oils using phytotestrogen chemicals that are typically found in plants and flowers, and are known to mimic estrogen aka the female hormone in our body.

Credits: @antaintiom (Twitter)

As phytotestrogens are used to treat estrogen deficiency, the presence of this compound can increase one’s estrogen levels. The mother added that a blood test showed her daughter’s estrogen levels to be at 163, but a healthy reading for kids below eight years old should be at 45. In the long run, this may cause negative effects like early puberty, stunted growth, or bone loss aka osteoporosis.

Credits: @antaintiom (Twitter)

Thankfully, the condition can be treated with medication to suppress the production of estrogen until the child reaches 11 years old, which is the normal age for puberty among girls.

Credits: @antaintiom (Twitter)

It’s worth remembering that essential oils and diffusers are safe for adults. But if you’re living with kids, please ensure that you’re not using any scented products containing phytotestrogens around them because studies have shown that these chemicals, no matter how natural they are, can cause hormone disruption for young children.

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