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Owner Of Ipoh’s Famous Nasi Ganja Received An Order That Was Picked Up By A Helicopter

Owner of Ipoh’s famous Nasi Ganja, Mohd Nihmathullah shared a story of a customer ordering 36 packets of food to be picked up by a helicopter. He initially thought that the customer was playing a prank on him, so he warned the caller not to fool around.

“Later on he asked me to wait at Ipoh Padang by 10am the next day, so I was thinking that he might arrive in a car. I was worried as the orders were made without any initial payment. But 36 packets are not that much. I can still sell it off if the customer didn’t come to pick it up. My mind was 50-50 at that time until I arrived at the location. I thought of leaving the place in 10 minutes if he did not show up,” Mohd Nihmathullah said.

To his surprise, a helicopter indeed arrived Ipoh Padang on time to pick up 36 packets of food from him and his son-in-law. “I was not thinking about anything else, to know who was the one in the helicopter or otherwise, as it was not important for me. I had fulfilled my responsibility to complete my customer’s order,” he added. Apparently, the order was from a KL customer.

Currently, the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) are investigating over the Bell 505 helicopter which was operated by Systematic Aviation Services. Police are also probing whether this incident broke any SOPs of the MCO.

That person must’ve been a huge fan of the Nasi Ganja.


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