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Over 10,000 North Korean Students Have Surrendered To State For Enjoying K-Dramas And K-Pop

Fans who love the popular K-drama Crash Landing On You would probably remember how North Korean soldier Kim Joo-Meok would watch K-dramas in secret in fear of getting discovered by others. While you may have thought to yourself “is it really that serious?”, it turns out it really is, because 10,000 North Korean students have just turned themselves in to the authorities for simply enjoying South Korean entertainment.

Credits: The Fangirl Verdict

This is because there’s an actual North Korean “anti-reactionary thought” law that was imposed back in December 2020 which prohibits all North Korean citizens from consuming any South Korean entertainment content like K-dramas, K-pop, and films.

There’s even a clause that forbids anyone from speaking like a South Korean, so popular words like ‘oppa‘ (big brother) and ‘dong-saeng‘ (younger sister or brother) aren’t allowed to exist in the North Korean vernacular. The reason for this? Because North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un hates these words.

And in case you’re wondering what the punishment is for those who are found guilty of violating these laws, well it’s not a light sentence by any means. Apparently, parents whose child violates the ban will face 15 years in forced labour camps and hefty fines.

Credits: Mashable SEA

Meanwhile, those who are caught smuggling banned material from South Korea would face life imprisonment, while those who import the same items from the United States or Japan could face death.

Because of the harsh punishments, the students have decided to hand over around 5,000 DVD players in hopes of exchanging them for a lighter sentence.


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