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This Outdoor Dessert Cafe In Penang Offers Customers The Ultimate 'Squid Game' Experience

We're sure by now, most of you caught up with the Netflix hit series 'Squid Game'. We just can't get enough of the games played in Squid Game that people have been reenacting them all over social media and even creating online games to replicate the life-threatening situations from the series.

Well, this outdoor dessert cafe in Penang called 甜园 Tian Yuan doesn't want you to sacrifice your life for money, but rather they would like you to drop by for a couple of 'Squid Game' games! Customers will be able to play 3 games from the popular Korean Netflix series including the ddakji challenge that was shown early on in the series, dalgona challenge that is going viral on TikTok, and the marble challenge that left us speechless.

Credit: 甜园 Tian Yuan Facebook

Just like the series, players can pick either a red or blue ddakji with 2 different sizes, a regular or small-sized ddakji. According to the cafe, the smaller one is easier to flip! As for the marble challenge, customers will need to pay deposit of RM2 for the marbles. The goal is to get all 10 of the marbles from your opponents!

Credit: 甜园 Tian Yuan Facebook

Meanwhile the latest rave on TikTok, which is the dalgona challenge will cost you RM2 per 'cookie'. However, if you successfully carved out the shape, it will be FOC and you'll receive RM4.56 off from your total bill like the main character in Squid Game's number. But do note that there will be limited quantity available per day.

If you're interested, the cafe is located at Lot 2652, Jalan Kebun Bunga, and is open daily except for Mondays. Which of these games are you confident to win?


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