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Otters Are Taking Over Singapore, Invading Private Pools & Killing Koi Fish

Credits: Insider

Why did the otters cross the road? To get to the condominium and kill the koi fish. This is not a joke, these adorable looking creatures are taking over Singapore by invading condominium pools and private ponds to hunt for expensive prey.

The mammals were first spotted outside their habitat last year when a video showed a group of otters swimming in a private condominium pool. The sight was cute at first until netizens found out the otters had visited the condo's koi pond for lunch earlier, and even held the koi fish in their mouth as they swam laps around the pool.

Then earlier this year, otters were found to have sneaked into a local church where they killed nearly 100 fish, half of them being thousand dollars worth of koi, all in the span of a few days. You'd think these creatures would be done terrorising the city after causing so much harm, but no.

Just last week, a group of otters were once again invading a private koi pond and killing several fish. The 60-year-old owner was depressed and devastated after discovering some of his fish that he had cared for since childhood and have since grown to nearly 2ft in length, have been murdered by these ruthless otters.

It's believed that these creatures that are native to Singapore have been emboldened by Singapore's lockdown state, where the relatively empty streets allowed them to brazenly take control over the city. But as adorable as they may look, let's hope that the otters' reign of terror ends here, for the sake of all the koi fish in Singapore.


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