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Oppo’s New ‘Rollable’ Smartphone Might Set the Standards For the Smartphone Indust

It seems that it was only yesterday that we were stuck with those ugly bezels on our smartphones and in a blink of an eye they disappeared. With the bezeless displays we thought that we were at the peak of the smartphone industry. But then Samsung introduced the ‘Samsung Galaxy Flip‘ and the world was stunned.

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Once again just when we think that foldable smartphones will shape our future, Oppo decides to roll away from that trend with their new rollable smartphone the ‘Oppo X 2021‘. Now Oppo is a company that isn’t really known for their innovations. More often then not, they simply jump on trends set by other tech companies and design their smartphones according to that.

That said, it is really refreshing to see that Oppo is finally taking a step in setting the standard in the tech industry with the Oppo X 2021. The concept of the phone is actually very simple. Much like the foldable phones, the idea behind it is to get a small phone to transform into something larger.


The Oppo X 2021 uses a flexible OLED panel rigged up to two motors built into the phone that rolls open and close on command. As opposed to the foldable phones which might look and feel a bit clunky, this rollable screen is surprisingly seamless.

For a full, in-depth review on the device make sure you check this video out as they really do a great job of detailing what you should expect with the Oppo X 2021.


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