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Online Seller On Shopee Sells Her Service Of Lending A Shoulder To Cry On For RM1

If you're in need of a shoulder to cry on, online seller xxbabynetfx is selling her service for only RM1 on Shopee for you to release your emotions. She posted her advertisement on the online shopping app as "An ear to lend", describing her service as "Would you like to express everything that you have kept inside for so long? Just chat me up, I will give you the attention you deserve. We care (for) your mental health."

She went viral on social media for extending her services to those in need, and even gotten loads of compliments and positive comments in the comment section on Shopee! One of her buyers said, "Service was excellent! She was patient and accommodating and totally understood my situation and helped me out at a time when I was most vulnerable. Thanks so much."

There were buyers who also responded with funny comments, saying that she entertained them when they started telling horror stories and replied with, "I hope there are better stories next time." Seeing that she is a good listener with a good sense of humour, would you try out her RM1 service on Shopee?


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