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On The Go With Yew Yew Cafe

Coffee is a staple in everyone’s lives right now, it isn’t limited to just working adults, but college students, and elderly people as well. Cafe culture is immensely popular in Malaysia for the past few years now, there is a wave of aesthetically pleasing cafes that have been opening up one by one across the country. 

Yew Yew Cafe just recently opened in November last year, and we are stoked to introduce you to this new place to hang out and chill! However, if you’re more comfortable with grabbing a coffee on the way to the office or getting it delivered to your doorstep, they have an array of coffee and pastries that will definitely get you hooked.

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The cosy cafe is tucked away in the Ka Yin building, KL. Their minimalistic cafe specializes in coffee, cakes, and pastries but because the space is pretty small, they go by a “grab and go” concept. We absolutely love the coffee beans they use for their coffee, allowing customers to choose from 2 kinds of beans. However, Yew Yew is pretty open in trying new beans according to their customers’ feedback – A Plus for effort and adaptability! 

They don’t serve main courses or brunch food at the cafe but there are a lot of pastries for sweet tooths. Enjoy yourself some croissants, sea salt chocolate chip cookies, chocolate brownies, red velvet cake, rose lychee chiffon, and tiramisu cake!

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The owner of Yew Yew Cafe, Edmond Yew started this cafe with the help of his wife and some good friends. Now, we understand why the cafe was named Yew Yew – Cute! If you want to get your coffee fix without actually leaving your house, they are available for delivery through Beepit.

We highly recommend you to head down to their cafe to check out the minimalistic vibes, a great way to spend your ‘Me Time’ without splurging a bunch!

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