• Jonathan Shiek

OMG, is there blood in your poop? This may be why.

Did you just poop out something other than poop? Like..blood? 

Finding blood in your poop can be quite scary. Ok, it’s probably the scariest shit you’ll ever see in your life. Pun intended. 

But, it’s completely normal to wonder what’s going on down there! Including when you’re not so lucky and find yourself asking… “Why am I pooping blood?”

Pooping blood might sound freaking scary, but it can actually mean a few different things depending on (brace yourself) where the blood is coming from and how much blood. 

It could be external or internal causes, and neither should be taken lightly but whatever it is, we really do feel like the best option is still to consult a medical professional because often, it’s never good to self-diagnose. 

Here’s a general FYI if you don’t have blood in your poop and you’re just curious: 

For one thing, bleeding in your gastrointestinal tract happens because some blood vessels are exposed and it’s bleeding into the gastrointestinal tract. This is always abnormal, and there are many reasons that this could happen including:

  1. Hemorrhoids

  2. Anal fissure

  3. Diverticulosis

  4. Polyps on your colon

  5. E. coli

  6. Peptic cancer

  7. Crohn’s disease

  8. Ulcerative colitis

Yeah so, unless you’re educated about all the above then our advice is GO SEE A DOCTOR!!!

The best way to prevent having bloody poop in the future really depends on what is the cause of your symptom. A little bit of bright red blood in your poop isn’t normally a huge flag for concern for those who have been in great health. You probably do not need immediate medical attention.

BUT.  Beware of black poop. 

If your poop is black, it is a major sign that it is MUCH more serious than it looks. Again, SEE A DOCTOR.

That said, eating things like black licorice, blueberries, beets or even taking iron supplements and some medication could cause that too. So, rule of thumb, if you are not sure, just go see a doctor immediately.

All the best in your future endeavors.


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