• Jonathan Shiek

Nutricosmetics: Turning Inner Beauty Into Outer Beauty

The term “I am beautiful on the inside” usually refers to one’s personality right? Well, that may no longer be the case as the correlation between the two has regressed in favor of the new beauty trend, nutricosmetics, which has given the the term a whole new meaning!

Nutricosmetics is a concept that has been around since the 1980’s but only recently has made its way into the skincare routine of many.

Macgly Face Mask GIF from Macgly GIFs

This new trend totally revises one’s approach to beauty as it involves emphasizing inner beauty over outer beauty. Rather than applying a cream or mask to eliminate imperfections on a temporary basis, it is a question of “treating” oneself from the inside and reaping the benefits on the outside, thanks to nutrients, micronutrients, and other active principles; in other words via what we generally call food supplements.

In a wholistic approach, this trend is about helping the skin develop its own shield against the horrors that it has to face on a daily basis, such as the sun, pollution, and stress.

So what does nutricosmetics really do for our skin? Well simply put, the pack in a whole bunch of vitamins that are good for your skin such as zinc, omega 3 and 6, certain enzymes, and even collagen in capsules, vials, pills, sachets, and even gummy candy and chewing gum.

Well it should go without saying that you shouldn’t JUST depend on nutricosmetics to keep your skin healthy. A healthy diet still remains one of the best ways to nourish oneself in order to glow from the inside as well as the outside.


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