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Norway’s New Law Requires Influencers To Disclose When They Post Edited Photos Of Themselves

Have you ever stared at a photo of a beautiful model on Instagram and wonder why your body doesn’t look flawless like that? The truth is, you can workout and eat clean every day and you probably still wouldn’t get that body in real life, because even the model’s body doesn’t look like that in real life, considering that photo has been retouched to appear flawless.

In fact, this culture has become so popular among influencers and models everywhere that Norway actually passed a law that requires advertisers and influencers to disclose when they’re posting images that have been altered, to avoid misleading others.

The new law will apply to advertisers and individuals who receive “payment or other benefit” in exchange for their posts, which will affect brands and influencers’ sponsored and gifted posts on all social media platforms.

Under the new law, users will have to disclose whenever they’re being paid to post a photo which has been edited or retouched, which includes using Instagram or Snapchat filters that modify one’s appearance. As such, users may need to post a disclaimer to reveal their list of their edits such as “enlarged lips, narrowed waists, and exaggerated muscles”.

Credits: Diggit Magazine

“Young people are exposed to a massive pressure to look good out [sic] through, among other things, advertising and social media, and the models displayed are often digitally retouched. This exposes young people to an ideal of beauty that is impossible to achieve,” the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family Affairs said in a proposal that was sent to the parliamentary body.

Since the law has been passed, some of the country’s top influencers have praised the decision, saying that it will help young people to understand the unattainable beauty standards that are set by unrealistic filters and heavily edited images.


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