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North Korean Website Says K-Pop Idols Are Being Treated Like ‘Slaves’

It’s no secret that North Korea doesn’t get along with its neighbouring country, and their latest comment certainly isn’t improving their foreign relations by any means. North Korean website Arirang Meari recently published an article that accused the K-Pop industry of participating in “slave-like exploitation” of their artists.

The article that was posted on 13 March describes how South Korean media outlets actually reported that their youth singers have suffered miserable lives at the hands of large corporations.

The website even mentioned that popular bands like BTS and BLACKPINK, who signed exclusive contracts with companies like SM Entertainment at a young age, were now being forced “severe training by sleeping only 2-3 hours a day, and most of the profits they earn are being sucked up in the name of nurturing.”

This is not the first time the South Korean entertainment industry has been accused of overworking K-Pop idols, but the article by Arirang Meari offers no evidence of its allegations and instead just cites them as “reports” in other media.

K-Pop idols can feel exhausted from overworking Credits: Kpopmap

In fact, North Korea has also been accused of perpetrating wide-scale human rights abuses, which includes heinous crimes like “murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortions” and many others, according to a 2014 UN report.

Although music remains an important culture in both countries, it has evolved very differently with South Korean K-pop growing into a multibillion dollar industry with worldwide recognition, while music in North Korea mainly serves as a key propaganda tool to honour the ruling Kim family and its fight against imperial aggression.


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