• Jonathan Shiek

North Korea Has Severed Diplomatic Ties With Malaysia

Kim Jong Un waves bye-bye to Malaysia as Pyongyang announces that they will cease all forms of diplomatic relations with Malaysia following the extradition of one of their citizens to the United States.

Credits: Giphy

According to the official statement released by the North Korean foreign ministry, “Malaysian authorities has committed an unpardonable crime for forcibly delivering an innocent citizen to the United States.” The statement goes on to say “we hereby announce total severance of the diplomatic relations with Malaysia”

Back in 2019, a North Korean man by the name of Mun Chol Myong who had lived in South East Asia for over 10 years along with his family was arrested after Washington requested for his extradition. Fast forward to early in March, Mun lost his final appeal with Malaysia’s high court against his extradition to the States to face money laundering charges.

Mun is currently facing four charges of money laundering and two conspiracies to launder money as well as the export of luxury items to North Korea. The export of goods to North Korea has been banned as part of sweeping sanctions imposed by the United States on North Korea.


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