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No Passenger Limit Or Travel Distance Restrictions For Latest MCO 3.0

The government has announced yesterday that apart from the six districts in Selangor, the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur will also be placed under MCO effective 7 May to 20 May. With that said, the SOPs for MCO 3.0 are considerably more relaxed as compared to the first and second MCO that were implemented in March last year and January this year.

For starters, individuals living in MCO areas can still travel within their district without a distance limit. However, travelling activities within MCO areas should be limited to purposes like buying food, groceries, essential items, and medical supplies.

Those who are required to travel outside of their district for work purposes will be required to carry a company or employer’s letter for documentation purposes in case of a road block.

Similarly, individuals who need to travel inter-district or interstate for vaccination appointments can also show their appointment details on the MySejahtera app to the police at roadblocks.

And don’t worry if you’re carpooling because there won’t be a cap on passenger limit for MCO 3.0 either as drivers are allowed to carry as many passengers according to their vehicle capacity. However, the SOPs did not specify if individuals from different household will be allowed to travel in the same personal vehicle.

For the full list of SOPs from MKN, refer to this website.


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