• Jonathan Shiek

No More Cucuk Needed, Global Scientists Working On Nasal Spray Covid Vaccines

Here’s some good news for those who are afraid of needles and injections, because researchers around the world are currently studying the possibility of developing a Covid-19 vaccine that can be administered nasally or orally.

This mode of vaccine is said to be effective as the upper respiratory tract is an initial site of Covid infection and the primary site of virus replication for many individuals. By administering vaccines through the nasal and oral passageway, researchers think it could reduce upper respiratory tract virus replication and block transmission, while protecting individuals against severe disease.

Around six nasal spray vaccine projects are being conducted worldwide, but none of them have been tested on humans so far. One vaccine, which was published in the journal Science Advances by American scientists, was successfully tested on ferrets and mice, and is expected to be tested on 80 healthy adults in the next few months.

Meanwhile, a clinical trial for the world’s first orally-administered vaccine has just been launched in Israel, where half of the 24 volunteers will receive the first dose, while the other 12 is scheduled to receive their second dose.

What are your thoughts about these new methods of administering the Covid-19 vaccines?


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