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Nintendo Switch Fever (yet again)

Do you remember how everyone was talking about Animal Crossing about this time last year? Well, Nintendo just announced a list of new game releases, and everyone’s going nuts! That’s right; Nintendo has decided to “switch” up their game again (I just had to!).

A few days back, they released a 50-minute long video on their website to announce over 30 new game releases. Since then, Nintendo Switch has been grabbing headlines all around the world. 

Out of the many upcoming video games, people are incredibly excited for Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir. It’s is a murder mystery-styled game tasking the player (who’s amnesic) to put pieces together and solve a murder case involving a wealthy family in a haunted village. 

This game also comes with a prequel named Famicom Detective Club: The Girl Who Stands Behind. Players can expect to deal with supernatural forces, nightmares, death, and rumours.

Famicom is a video game system introduced in 1983. Meanwhile, both these games have only been released in Japan 33-years ago. It was never released nor commercialized to the rest of the world. Therefore, this will be the first time people get to play this visual novel game outside of Japan—which is why many are intrigued. 

Family-friendly multiplayer games are always fun; I mean, who doesn’t love cute-looking game characters? In fact, Mario received over 1500 votes, followed by The Legend of Zelda in a Nintendo poll questioning the public’s favourite adventure-styled game. 

I guess Nintendo heard our voices because we’re also getting Mario Golf: Super Rush (on June 25) and The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (on July 16). Other games under the same category, such as Fall Guys, Monster Hunter Rise, and Splatoon 3, will be hitting our screens as well. 

🎉 FALL GUYS IS COMING TO NINTENDO SWITCH 🎉 🔥 SUMMER 2021 🔥 Retweet if your body is ready! — Fall Guys ⚡️ Season 3.5 (@FallGuysGame) February 17, 2021

Finally, DC fans are also up for a treat because Nintendo confirmed Star Wars Hunters’ release this year. They are working with Zynga and Lucasfilm to build this multiplayer shooting game. 

So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars for the releases of your favourite games and “switch” up your game routine with Nintendo Switch (sorry!)

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