• Jonathan Shiek

Nike’s Go FlyEase Is The Perfect Slip-On Shoes

Forget Crocs and flipflops, Nike just released its Go FlyEase which is a contact-less everyday use, athletic shoe that doesn’t require lacing up! All you have to do is slip your feet in! The core innovation is its bistable hinge that lets the shoe move between upright and a collapsed position. The upright position allows you to slip your foot in easily with a 30 degree angle, while the collapsed position in which the outer layer sits perfectly around the inner layer while you walk or run.

Credit: Nike News

We love how Nike’s innovation helps out those who struggle to bend over to tie or put on their shoes. They spent years developing an accessible and comfortable shoe for those with disabilities. I would definitely want to cop myself a pair, seeing how aesthetically pleasing and effortless it is especially during Covid season.

Credit: Yahoo News Singapore

The Go FlyEase will be available from 15 February onwards but for select Nike Members only. For now it is unclear how many pairs will be on sale. However, Nike mentioned that the shoe will be made available to more consumers later in 2021.

Nike is launching its first hands-free shoe, the Go FlyEase. There’s a patent-pending hinge that opens the shoe & locks back in place once put on. Shoe has huge potential for people with accessibility needs or simply those looking to have an easy on/off option to kick around. — Nick DePaula (@NickDePaula) February 1, 2021



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