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Nike PlayStation 5 Sneakers Designed By Paul George Can Be Unlocked In NBA2K21

I get that the Playstation5 is still under stocked right now, most of us can’t even smell the boxes of the consoles yet! With that said, Nike and Sony are actually partnering to release Nike sneakers that are inspired by the PlayStation 5.

The Nike PG 5 PlayStation 5 sneaker was originally designed by Paul George, who actually worked with Sony and Nike for the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 sneakers back in 2018. Following closely to the console’s main colours, blue and white, the Nike PG 5 comes in 2 styles.

Get ‘em in game. Starting tomorrow, NBA 2K21 owners can lace up with the new PG 5 PlayStation 5 colorway on PS4 and PS5. Unlock them in the Nike Store — PlayStation (@PlayStation) May 5, 2021

Paul George, a professional basketball player in the NBA mentioned in a PlayStation blog that he was working closely with Nike and PlayStation designers like Yujin Morisawa who is the artist behind PS5 console design. With this collaboration, they also included the sneakers to be unlocked in NBA2K21 on PS4 and PS5! How cool is that!

The Nike PG 5 PlayStation sneakers will be released on 14 May 2021 on Nike’s official website, it is currently priced at USD120 (RM494).


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