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Newborn Baby Died After Being Given Laughing Gas Instead Of Oxygen

It’s been five years since their newborn son John Ghanem passed away on 13 July 2016, but for parents Youssef and Sonya Ghanem, the pain of reality doesn’t just fade with time, especially since their baby’s death was due to a tragic mistake made by the hospital.

John had only been in this world for an hour before his life was cut short by the doctors at Sydney’s Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital, who unknowingly gave him laughing gas instead of oxygen while they were trying to resuscitate him. The doctors fought hard to keep John alive, but no one knew that the oxygen gas line had been faulty.

The mishap was said to be caused by an “installation error” in the medical equipment, which ended up pumping nitrous oxide instead of oxygen into the baby’s body. As a result, the contractor, who was responsible for installing the gas pipeline equipment in 2015, was charged and fined $100,000 (RM313,800) last year.

The same mishap also caused another baby girl to suffer permanent brain damage in June 2016. Although the girl was not expected to survive, she is now five years old and struggles with quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

As of now, the inquest for John’s death is still ongoing and will focus on trying to “minimise the chance of it ever happening again.”


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