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New MITI Letters During Total Lockdown Will Contain QR Codes To Prevent Forgery

The government first announced on Sunday that previous operating permission letters from MITI will expire during total lockdown, and that companies should apply for new letters from their respective ministries.

And it only took less than a day before the government made another U-turn yesterday evening by saying that companies should now apply for permission letters via the Covid-19 Intelligent Management System (CIMS) 3.0 portal which is coordinated by, you guessed it, MITI. Not sure about you, but this constant U-turn is beginning to seem like a never-ending roundabout.

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In latest news, Bukit Aman Internal Security and Public Order Department SAC (Operations) SAC MV Srikumar M. Nair has said that the newly issued MITI letters will now come with a QR code for authentication purposes.

This is to prevent individuals from presenting fabricated letters at roadblocks. With the QR code, police will be able to verify the letter’s legitimacy on the spot and find out if individuals are indeed using fake MITI letters to cross borders for work or even personal reasons.

“When the code is scanned, it will request a particular number code which only the police have. When you enter the code, it will tell you whether the letter is indeed for the bearer,” said the senior police official during a police discussion forum (Ruang Bicara PDRM) yesterday.


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