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New Indomie Mi Goreng Flavoured Condom Sold Out During Preorder

You’ve heard of nasi lemak, durian and even mala-flavoured condoms, but just when you think it can’t get any worse weirder, there’s a new condom flavour in town and this time, it’s for the Indomie enthusiasts.

Indonesian condom brand Fiesta has launched a new product and what can I say other than it really represents the pride and joy of Indonesia. The mi goreng flavoured condom quickly went viral after it was revealed on social media on Sunday.

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Fiesta Condoms even teases the exclusive product with the caption: “Main di kasur jadi lebih nikmat plus nagih.. Satu gak cukup, dua masih kurang!” which roughly translates to “Discover the sensation of love-making with the distinct taste of Indonesian spices… One is not enough, two is still insufficient.”

The company reveals that the mi goreng flavoured condoms are available online from official DKT Indonesia e-commerce platforms. They are also available on Shopee for just 5,000 rupiahs (RM1.43) for a pack of three, but Indomie lovers might have to patiently wait for the restock because it’s currently sold out.


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