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New 'IHU' Covid-19 Variant Discovered In France Surfaced Around The Same Time As Omicron Variant

Credit: BBC

While the Omicron Covid-19 variant is beginning to spark fear around the world for its rapid spread, we may need to start worrying about another new variant that was reportedly discovered in France last month. The new B.1.640.2 variant called "IHU" has gotten attention from experts worldwide due to its 46 mutations, which spreads uncertainty of possible resistance against the current vaccines.

The IHU variant has since infected 12 people living in and around Marseilles. The very first patient infected by the new variant was vaccinated, and had recently returned from a trip to Cameroon. However, unlike the Omicron variant, this new strain doesn't appear to spread as quickly.

Apparently, the IHU and Omicron variant were identified at around the same time in November 2021, but the latter became worldwide news for causing problems around the world. Currently, there is still insufficient information about IHU to form a full opinion or prediction on how it might spread or how severe its symptoms will be.

Hopefully the new variant does not become another super contagious version of the coronavirus. Stay safe everyone!


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