• Jonathan Shiek

New Deadly Covid-19 Variant, Delta Plus Was Detected In South Korea And 3 Other Countries

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, there is a new deadly variant that we have to worry about called Delta plus. While it has not made its way over to Malaysia yet, countries like South Korean, the United Kingdom, the U.S., and India already recorded cases of Delta plus within their country.

The new rendition of Delta is said to latch onto lung cells more easily, more resistant to therapies, and overall more transmissible than the other variants. Apparently, the “plus” indicates the spike protein mutation which was found in the alpha variant. What we should be worried about right now is how resistant it is to vaccines, especially with our country finally on track with the vaccination process.

“We need more evidence to get a clear picture about any possible advantage against vaccines that Delta plus may have, but the fact that we haven’t seen it clearly outcompete delta despite having been found in several countries with high vaccination rates, suggests that any advantage can only be very small,” said Colin Angus, public health policy modeler and analyst in England.


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