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New Biopic About Datuk Nicol David Set To Be A Blockbuster

Eight-time world champion Datuk Nicol David is set to receive her own biopic depicting her legendary squash career in the movie I am Nicole David. The film will be a collaboration between Nicol and local digital media and film production investment company, ACE Pictures Entertainment.

But don’t expect to see Nicol on the big screen though, because her character will be portrayed by an actress, which will be determined during a nationwide casting launched by ACE Pictures across East and West Malaysia.

The screenplay will be written by two high-profile female screen writers, one of whom is Malaysian and the other is based in the US. Meanwhile, an unnamed Hollywood actress is said to reprise the role of Liz Irving, Nicol’s Australian coach.

Credits: Squash Mad

As the biopic intends to portray the prolific journey of the 37-year-old squash queen, it’s only fitting for the film to feature such powerful forms of female representation. “My best part of this movie or the essence of it is the portrayal of a woman’s will and dedication that is so profound, it becomes life itself,” said Nicol.

“While we believe many are willing to go beyond the ordinary for their careers as a pro athlete, the love and dedication Nicol has for the sport exceeds normal understanding. This is why her biopic will not only be about an underdog’s rise to success – she was and always has been an established icon,” explained ACE Pictures president Peter Wong.

The English biopic I am Nicol David is said to cater to local audiences as well as key markets in the US and Europe. It’s unknown as to when the movie would be released as most of the details are still under wraps, but we certainly can’t wait to watch it!


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