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Netizens Show Support For Elderly Uncle In SS15 Who Sells RM2 Nasi Lemak From His Car Boot

It started when Facebook user Reseller Iphone Original shared a post to encourage netizens in Subang Jaya to support this elderly uncle in SS15 who is selling RM2 nasi lemak from his car. Even though it was late at night, the uncle was spotted sitting on a stool next to his open car boot, where he sells his nasi lemak.

Some netizens were able to pinpoint the location that’s in front of the McDonald’s drive-thru outlet and Shell petrol station in SS15. According to the comments, the uncle usually starts selling at around 5.30pm and stays around until he’s sold out everything, which at times, may be late at night.

Credits: Reseller Iphone Original (Facebook)

But thanks to the viral Facebook post, Subang Jaya community news platform SJ Echo reported that the pakcik, Sharim Ibrahim is now able to sell over 600 packets of nasi lemak in less than two hours!

“When I first started, I would sit from 5.30pm until 10pm. Most times, I couldn’t sell all the 100 packets I had prepared. But thanks to social media and caring residents the last few days, my business has picked up,” he said, adding that his wife and staff had to deliver more nasi lemak due to the surge in demand from new customers.

Credits: SJ Echo

Even with the rain, people are rushing to buy the pakcik’s nasi lemak, which is said to be delicious by the way. So if you’re in Subang Jaya and you’re looking to have affordable and amazing nasi lemak, do check out this uncle’s stall in SS15. But make sure to hurry because his business has been so popular now, he actually had to turn away customers!

Alternatively, you can also contact 011-2183 4401 or 018-780 0025 to place your order a day ahead, and swing by Sharim’s Nasi Lemak SS15 Viral to collect your food on the next day!


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