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Netizens & Celebrities Blast Man For Condescending Speech At Homeless Shelter

In a viral video online, a man was seen acting like a motivational speaker as he tried to give a speech to a crowd of unhoused people at a transit centre for the homeless in KL. The problem is, the man wasn’t wearing a face mask throughout his speech, and as a result, he was fined RM1,500 by the police.

But that wasn’t what got netizens blood boiling, rather it was the man’s problematic speech. Apparently, the speech was part of a talk that was titled “Change Your Life”. During his speech, the man was seen talking to an elderly man who was believed to be among the people in need at the shelter.

Macam tu je dia sound pakcik ni biadap gila — Cempaka (@IbuPeri__) July 28, 2021

“Do you regret fooling around and being lazy during your younger days?” said the man to a 64-year-old uncle. When the elderly man responded yes, the man then turned to the crowd and asked “Do you want to wait around until you’re old to start regretting?”

The man continued to ask the crowd if they had ever prayed to God, asking for ways to help them change their lives. “What if today, [God sent me] to help you guys?” said the man in return.

Naturally, netizens are furious at the man for his condescending words. In his tweet, famous comedian Harith Iskander questioned if the man was aware of the pakcik’s struggles before he tried to berate another human being.

Awak tahu ke kehidupan Pakcik tu sebelum ini? Awak di sisinya selama bertahun-tahun yang lepas? Even so what gives YOU the right to berate another human being Maybe I am not getting the complete picture. Please correct me. To "Carl Samsudin" I hope "God" sends you this message — Harith Iskander (@HarithIskander) July 28, 2021

Even Singaporean actor Aaron Aziz took to Facebook to criticise the man’s disrespectful speech and actions. “If you want to help others, don’t try to bring up their past. I don’t know who you are but please mind your manners… If you want to do charity, this is not the f%@kin way,” wrote the actor.

Credits: syaheer_mal (Twitter)

It should be common sense that when people in need come to you for help during a pandemic, the last thing they need is a long-winded and patronising speech, especially not from someone who claimed to be sent by God. What are your thoughts about this man’s actions?


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