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Netizens Are Shocked That A Woman On TikTok Organises Her Fridge Like A Filing Cabinet

Are you an organised person and loves keeping your fridge neat and tidy? Well, you're not going to top this woman, Nicole McLaughlin. She was seen organising her refrigerator "perfectly" on TikTok and netizens are all shook.

When we mentioned organising, we didn't mean tidying up with tupperwares and categorising fruits, vegetables, and meats. The TikToker, McLaughlin organises her refrigerator like a file cabinet using binders and folders that usual people will use to file their paperwork.

McLaughlin stores her ingredients like bread, cheese, meats, and condiments inside labelled ring binders. Netizens expressed their concerns as they felt like she went overboard with the arrangements, someone even commented that the fridge gave off "serial killer" vibes.

According to the 28-year-old, it was all part of an art project that showed a 'serial killer' fridge. "One night before I was going to sleep, I suddenly had the thought, 'what if the refrigerator was like a library and it was so organised?'" she said. "I know some people are already organising the food in their fridge into labelled containers so I thought it'd be funny if I took it to the next level, and have it be super organised by whatever the type of food was," she added.

Do you know anyone who overly organises their things?


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