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Netizens Are Not Amused By Youngsters Cooking Maggi Noodles In KL Hotel Bathroom Sink

TikTok can be a platform to educate and entertain people, but it can also be a space where people decide to do dumb challenges and hacks. A group of Malaysian youngsters were criticised for using a KL hotel's bathroom sink to cook instant noodles -That's unhygienic and disgusting.

In the TikTok clip, you can see one of them cooking the instant noodles in the sink next to the toilet. The caption reads: “Tips to eat Maggi (noodles) in a hotel when you don’t have a bowl.” The hack did not amuse social media users, instead people were furious over the unhygienic preparation of one of Malaysia's most beloved instant meals.

A netizen commented, “Even though the sink is clean, I can’t accept this, I’m imagining guests who spit and do whatever else in the sink. Why would you eat from a sink, that’s crazy.” On the other hand, people were empathising the cleaning staff who would have to deal with the aftermath. “Do you know that it is people like this who make it hard for housekeeping to clean up the room? Let’s not make things difficult for others,” the comment read.

Others were saying that the youngsters could've bought cup noodles if bowls were not available in the hotel room. “I bet they didn’t even eat the noodles, just for content’s sake,” said one comment.

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