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Netizens Are Making Fun Of The RM64mil Sky Bridge In Sabah That Leads To A Dead End

On 3 September, Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor officially launched the expensive pedestrian Sky Bridge that connects Asia CIty, Center Point Shopping Mall, and Api-Api Centre in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. According to The Star, the Sky Bridge cost RM31.5 million to build and was finally completed after a 3 year delay because the developer went bankrupt.

Earlier in 2021, Hajiji allocated another RM4.7 million from the Sabah government’s coffers to finish the pedestrian bridge. While the injection of funds work, many Malaysians and netizens noticed that the Sky Bridge that links to the Center Point Shopping Mall leads to a dead end.

Netizens were making fun of the expensive bridge, Twitter user @AlRashidZulkefl tweeted images of the Sky Bridge with a caption “you’ll have to jump down if you want to go to the mall”. The Twitter user also clarified that the bridge actually costs more than RM31.5 million that was reported. He posted a document that dated back to 2019, revealing that the previous state government had allocated RM60 million for the Sky Bridge, and needed RM4 million more to complete it.

While we don’t know what happened to the other sum of money allocated to build the bridge, it certainly is an expensive mistake.


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