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Netizens Are Comparing Rihanna's Custom Made Dress To A 'Pocong'

Rihanna is a well-respected singer, actress, fashion designer, and business woman, but well sometimes celebrities will make their fair share of mistakes, this one was rather 'frightening'. During a photoshoot to celebrate Dazed magazine's 30th anniversary, Rihanna was chose to be featured on their cover with a couple of designer outfits.

One of her outfits custom made by Jawara Alleyne x Raw Materials, Emilio Cavallini tights, Christian Louboutin leather pumps, and an IbKamaraStudios briefcase caught Southeast Asians' eyes. The canvas and cotton joint dress made Riri look like one of Southeast Asian folklore's most feared ghosts, the 'pocong'.

The photos from the photoshoot were posted on the ASEAN World 24 -Southeast Asia Network's Facebook group, which immediately caught netizens' eyes. The 'pocong' like outfit was compared to a body pillow or bolster, and even the Malaysian-style popsicle "ais krim Malaysia" or "es lilin" in Indonesia.

While the rest of the photoshoot looked pretty damn good, people can't get over Rihanna's "no-no" outfit. Here's the full spread and accompanying story from Dazed.


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