• Jonathan Shiek

Netizens Are Abuzz About Fatberry’s RM1 Road Tax Offer

Malaysian netizens are talking about this new buzz about Fatberry’s RM1 road tax offer. It almost sounds too good to be true. We set out to find out and verify if it is real.

Firstly, we see Fatberry on billboards on all the major roads in KL! The Fatberry billboards are usually eye-catching.

Then we ask who is Fatberry? Can eat one ah?

Turns out that Fatberry is actually a legitimate online insurance marketplace platform that allows consumers to easily compare insurance products, customize a quote, and purchase the most suitable insurance offering instantly. It saves you trouble of meeting up with insurance agents and listening to them to upsell you another product (plus staying safe #covid19).

So what is the big deal about this RM1 road tax we’ve been hearing and seeing everywhere? Apparently Fatberry is partnering with VISA to allow consumers to enjoy this special promo when you renew your car insurance when you pay with your VISA card (credit and debit card). 

All you have to do is purchase a car insurance plan online from Fatberry and use GOVISA promo code to enjoy the RM1 road-tax offer. It is certainly a good deal, and a good time to save some money in this MCO2.0 period too. 

So yes, we have debunked the myth, RM1 road tax is for real at and it is a campaign run by VISA, can’t be more legit than that!

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