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Netizen Photoshops Famous Celebrities Into Ordinary Indonesians And They're Ridiculously Funny

Credits: Indra Hakim (Instagram)

Ahh the power of Photoshop - from retouching an unflattering selfie, editing a scenery shot, to graphic design or animation - the possibilities are endless. Instagram user and Photoshop master Indra Hakim has found a way to let his creative talent shine, by Photoshopping western celebrities into everyday Indonesians doing mundane things.

But make no mistake, there's nothing mundane about the brilliantly edited pictures though. In fact, some of them seem so realistic that for a second you might be convinced that Jay-Z was really an Indonesian politician instead of an American hip-hop billionaire.

And if you've ever wondered what Kanye West might be doing after dropping 'Donda', you might find him as a carrot vendor in Southeast Asia. Or how about Bruno Mars as a mechanic at a motorcycle repair shop?

From Ariana Grande selling nasi lemak, to BLACKPINK's Rosé waiting to enjoy some nasi padang, and Rihanna making tempe, we've really seen it all.

Which one of these pictures is your favourite? Make sure to check out Indra Hakim's Instagram for more of this hilarious edits and support his work!

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