• Jonathan Shiek

Netflix’s ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ Casts Malaysia’s Michelle Yeoh As Scia

One of Malaysia’s pride, Michelle Yeoh was reportedly casted in Netflix’s ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ following other amazing shows like Avatar 2 and Marvel’s Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings! The Hollywood actress who was born in Ipoh, will be acting as Scian, the very last of her nomadic tribe of sword-elves.

According to Netflix, “No one can come close to her artistry with the blade, and no one carries as much loss within their heart. When a chance presents itself to retrieve a stolen sacred sword, taken from her fallen tribe by nefarious means, she launches herself into a deadly quest that will change the outcome of the Continent.”

The Witcher: Blood Origin will be taking place in an elven world 1,200 before The Witcher which is set to be a six-part limited series. We can’t wait to see a Malaysian represent kickass in one of the most popular Netflix series!


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