• Jonathan Shiek

Netflix Has Launched Their Own Version of TikTok and it is Surprisingly Good!

Netflix announced yesterday that they will be introducing a new mobile feature called Fast Laughs that gives subscribers a full-screen feed of funny clips ranging from shows such as Murder Mystery, Big Mouth, and The Crew. The feature will also be a great way to watch clips of your favorite comedians like Kevin Hart and Ali Wong.

Fast Laughs will give us the opportunity to tickle our funny bone without having to watch an entire TV show or movie (who has time for that anyway?). The feature is currently available for iOS users but Netflix will be looking into experimenting with an Android version of Fast Laughs soon. In order to access the feature, users will simply have to use the bottom navigation menu to click on the Fast Laughs tab.

Considering the fact that Netflix has multiple forms of content on their platform, it may be easy for us to overlook some hidden gems or get lost entirely in the sheer amount of content Netflix has. As such, this new feature could be a very simple and easy way of exploring said content.

According to The Verge, the key difference between TikTok and Netflix’s Fast Laughs is that Netflix isn’t trying to launch a new platform to provide entertainment, but instead use a new feature to keep people on its current platform.


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