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Neelofa Accused of Exploiting Religion With RM79 ‘Muslim-Friendly’ Slippers

Out of the pot and into pan as Neelofa is back in headlines for being accused of exploiting religion for profit. This also comes after the whole breaching SOP fiasco just a couple of weeks ago. It seems Neelofa might be shaping up to be public enemy number 1.

Following her release of the ‘Muslim-Friendly Slippers’, netizens were quick to bash the entrepreneur for her shameless move to release such a slipper. The slippers were first announced on 5 April titled Fipper x TheNoor by Neelofa, in collaboration with Fipper, which is locally known to be a semi-affordable footwear brand.

That said, considering that most of Fipper’s items cost between RM16.90 and RM49.90, there is absolutely nothing semi-affordable about a slipper that costs RM79.90. In any case, most netizens took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the ‘Muslim-friendly slippers’… not going to lie, some of them were rather amusing.

neelofa jual selipar getah yang “muslim friendly” selipar getah biasa selama ni celup swine blood kot — bart (@bartbhrdn) April 6, 2021

One Twitter user questioned the manufacturing process of slippers prior to Neelofa’s new slippers, asking, “Neelofa is selling ‘Muslim-friendly’ rubber slippers. So did rubber slippers before this contain swine blood or what?”

Selipar mesra muslim katanya.Kolaborasi Flipper dan Neelofa.Selipar pon ada mesra muslim tuan2.Tak lama lagi mungkin akan ada topi vintage patuh syariah — Abdul Rani Kulup Fans (@KulupFans) April 6, 2021

Another Twitter user sarcastically asked if there will be a shariah-compliant hat that follows (please don’t give her any ideas).

Others were taken aback by the price of the slippers but many more were livid about the fact that religion is being used as a tool of profit.

“Slippers that aren’t Muslim-friendly exist?! The level of religious exploitation these days is getting ridiculous,” wrote @edhairykl.

Almost no object is safe from the wretched claws of religious capitalism. We now have 'budding entrepreneurs' who are promoting 'Muslim-friendly slippers' to the masses. Prior to this, we had prayer mats that could guarantee direct access to God. What lunacy is this? — سبحان (@ArfSbhn) April 7, 2021

“Almost no object is safe from the wretched claws of religious capitalism.

ade ke selipar yang tak Muslim friendly?!! the level of menunggang agama these days is getting ridiculous! RIDICULOUS! — Ed Hairy (@edhairykl) April 6, 2021

“We now have ‘budding entrepreneurs’ who are promoting ‘Muslim-friendly slippers’ to the masses,” said @ArfSbhn.

Personally, I always felt as though there are better options out there…


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