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National Shuttler Lee Zii Jia Uses Douyin To Serenade Followers By Singing And Rapping

Besides being a very talented shuttler, Lee Zii Jia revealed his hidden talents on Chinese social media, Douyin which is China’s equivalent to TikTok. Lee was seen in his covers, rapping, singing, and playing the guitar!

Going by the username, ‘KOBEH98‘ on Douyin, you can clearly tell one of his favourite athletes is Kobe Bryant, while going with his birth year ’98’. It seems that his fans have yet to find out about his Douyin account, as he only garnered about 57,000 followers which is a far cry from his Instagram count of 720k followers. Time to support our national shuttler!

Sadly, the 23-year-old doesn’t seem to upload his covers on his Instagram nor does he own a TikTok account, so if you’re interested to watch him sing and rap, you’ll have to download the Douyin app. Netizens have been leaving comments to urge Lee to upload more content as his last upload on Douyin was on 29 May.

Check out Lee Zii Jia’s covers here:

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