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National Blood Centre Low On Supply Due To Covid-19, Needs Your Help To Donate Blood

Credits: Malay Mail

The rise in Covid-19 cases, along with the decrease in blood donations across the country has resulted in a shortage of blood supply at the National Blood Centre, sending them into a serious dilemma.

According to NBC director Dr Noryati Abu Amin, around 2,000 bags of blood are needed daily across the country. And with the increasing number of Covid-19 patients, especially those with comorbidities, the need for blood supply is higher than before.

The situation is made worse as most blood banks have not been receiving enough donations due to the pandemic. With universities and schools being closed, most major blood drives are unable to take place and many students who wish to donate are unable to do so as well.

Credits: National Blood Bank Malaysia

Moreover, many blood donors are afraid of getting infected by the virus and on top of that, some individuals are also worried about getting stopped by the police at road blocks.

Thankfully, the National Blood Centre was able to work with malls like Aeon, Mid-Valley, and Lotuss Store branches to organise blood drive programmes to welcome more donors. If you’re eligible and interested in donating blood, do check out the National Blood Centre’s Facebook page to find out more details about ongoing blood drives.


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