• Jonathan Shiek

NASA Assures That Earth Is Safe From Asteroid Collision, For Now

We all know the plot to Armageddon: giant asteroid hits Earth, humanity is in danger, Bruce Willis comes up with a plan to bomb the asteroid in half and saves us all. While there were previous concerns that the events in the disaster movie might actually repeat itself in real life, NASA has finally put those suspicions to rest.

Asteroid 99942, named “Apophis,” was first discovered in 2004 and was said to pose a possible risk of collision with Earth in 2068. But thanks to recent calculations, NASA scientist Davide Farnocchia assures that Apophis’ route through outer space would not be close enough to Earth to be seen as an impact risk.

In fact, Apophis has been completely removed from the Sentry Risk Table, which is an ongoing catalog that keeps track of spaceborne objects that do or will pass by close enough to Earth to pose an impact risk.

Farnocchia even assures that an Armageddon scenario would not happen on our planet for at least the next 100 years. So yeah, the good news is, if Armageddon happens then, we still have plenty of time to prepare for it happens. But the bad news is, we might not have Bruce Willis to save us then.


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