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Nando’s New Meatless Menu Aims To Promote Healthy Eating

Your Meatless Mondays just got more interesting, thanks to Nando’s! The restaurant just released a new menu under their #GetBackOnTrack campaign, which features their signature PERi-PERi chicken and other deliciously healthy chick-free alternatives!

“We at Nando’s have always focused on playing a positive role in the community so we want to say that it’s okay to fall off the healthy-eating wagon once in a while as long as you get back on that journey of healthy living through healthy eating. We feel it’s much easier to do when you have tasty and healthy meals,” said Stephen Chew, CEO of Nando’s Malaysia.

For starters, customers can try the Portobello Mushroom with Tofu Burger. The vegetarian burger features portobello mushroom lightly grilled in your PERi-PERi flavour of choice, with flame-grilled tofu patty paired with Nando’s special chilli jam. — Nando's Malaysia (@NandosMY) March 15, 2021

Another meatless option is the Veggie Carnival Bowl that comes with premium portobello mushroom, fragrant Spicy Rice, corn, vibrant red peppers, and crisp baby spinach. Best part is, these healthy meals also come at an affordable price, only costing less than RM20 each!

There are also meals for meat lovers, such as the Happy Trio Chicken Bowl with juicy chicken tenders, spicy rice, corn, baby spinach, and red peppers. Those who enjoy sharing their meals will also love the all-new Tofu Sticks & Dip as well as the return of Nando’s Portobello Mushroom Bowl.

Credits: Nando’s Malaysia

Living and eating healthy doesn’t always have to be hard, so get back on track with Nando’s Malaysia today!


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