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Namewee’s New Song “Disrespected” BLACKPINK And Fans Are Demanding An Apology

Malaysian rapper, Namewee is back at it again! This time the controversial artist triggered K-pop girl group, BLACKPINK’s fans with a single line in his latest song “You Know Who Is My Father”. The lyrics apparently disrespected the group and is now facing backlash from the K-pop group’s fans.

The song was released last Friday, 28 May on his social media which was made in collaboration with an online casino platform called me88. The music video and lyrics are said to parody rich men in Malaysia and how they behave. Namewee even commented on the video saying “The moral of the song: Don’t play play (mess) with rich people, they can PIAK (hit) your face anytime they want, even in the steamboat restaurant…”

The line that enraged Blinks (BLACKPINK fans) was: “Always look at BLACKPINK and masturbate.” They found this line both offensive and sexualising women, not going to lie I feel quite offended even though I don’t consider myself a Blink.

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Namewee is currently experiencing backlash on his YouTube video and Instagram with vomiting and poop emojis, leaving comments like “Respect women. Respect BLACKPINK!” and “Delete the video. Don’t ever speak about BLACKPINK again!”. That said, there are Namewee fans backing the artist up by thanking haters for boosting Namewee’s views.

Who’s side are you on, BLACKPINK or Namewee?


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